Keynote Speaking Testimonial 

Jason, thank you so much for speaking at our year-end sales meeting. The tone and tenor of your presentation was pitch-perfect, totally on-point and extremely topical. Moreover, the manner in which you delivered the message with equal parts humor, gravitas and sincerity really resonated with my team. The takeaways were many, varied and applicable to not only our sales centric business culture, but to the lives of our team members in general. Not only did several members of my team personally thank me for having you at our meeting, but two individuals said that your message actually brought them to tears of inspiration! It truly was an insightful, thought-provoking and motivational afternoon that I know will resonate with all for a long time to come. Can’t wait to have you back for our next meeting!

Coaching Testimonial

"I wanted to thank Jason Caras for his amazing coaching skills with my son.  As we know a lot of times our kids don’t listen to us.  When my son was growing up he would listen to his coaches but my tips often fell on deaf ears.  As my son grew into his teens he started making some bad decisions and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  I was completely frustrated feeling like I had failed as a parent.  This is when I turned to Jason for  some advice on how to best handle my sons poor decision making and he suggested that he spend some time with my son.  I saw an almost instant change in my sons attitude.  My son took notes from his meetings with Jason and was excited to pass along the things that he and Jason talked about. As their time together went on I saw my son become more focused and start to make better decisions.  He stopped spending time with the bad attitude kids that were causing him to make poor decisions and he actually started listening to me most of the time J My son is now seventeen and with Jason’s help he has started a business that is blowing up. My sons drive and work ethic amazes me and I know he wouldn’t have grown his business as quickly and developed into a more responsible young adult without Jason’s help. Thanks Jason we really appreciate your guidance!"  E.E. 2019

Coaching Testimonial  

“After I graduating from college I envisioned that I would have no trouble in immediately landing my dream job, marrying my girlfriend, and living happily ever after. Well it didn’t turn out like that, two years after graduating I found myself stuck at a dead end job and living with my parents. My whole life I thought that I had been on the right path, I accomplished everything that everyone always told me would make me a success. When I look back, the worst thing about this period in my life was that I started to accept the position that I was in. I began accepting being unhappy, living with my parents, working a dead end job, and I began to accept the fact that my life wasn’t going to be the way I had dreamed it would be. This is where I was at when I met Jason Caras. Jason did something for me that no one outside of my immediate family had ever done for me… he believed in me. He was outspoken in the way that he believed in me, he pushed me to “get comfortable being uncomfortable”, he mentored me both in my professional life and in my personal life. Jason got me excited about living life to the fullest and convinced me to set my sights higher and higher. Changing my lifestyle and my habits never felt hard or difficult Jason’s coaching style is about making a series of small and sustainable changes designed to enable you to become “the best version of yourself.” Five years after starting Jason’s program I have become a Vice President at my company, my salary has grown close to 5x, my wife and I own a paid off home, and most importantly I feel that I am truly living my dreams.” MH 2019

Coaching Testimonial

Jason Caras has been one of the most influential figures (CEO/Mentor/Coach/Friend) in my life. When I first met Jason back in 2013, I was instantly drawn to his energy, passion, and charisma. From that moment on, Jason became my mentor and life coach. Helping guide me through both my professional career and personal life. Jason taught me one of the most essential life habits, goal setting. Through Jason's mentorship, he allowed me to see my own future and destiny for the first time by creating Dream Boards, exploring my personal goals and ambitions for faith, family, work, travel, finance, etc. Now, six years later, I have been through six dream boards that have paved the way for me to be married to the woman of my dreams who I travel the world with, an Executive at my company, financially secure and debt free with roughly 7x salary growth, and living a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, all of Jason's coaching and methodologies have prepared me as a leader to mentor and serve family, friends, and 1,700 employees within our organization. JW

Speaking/Coaching Testimonial 

When I think of Jason Caras I think of drive and overcoming adversity. For the better part of the last decade I've been in the entrepreneurial/self development space and I've seen and heard some of the best success stories. I'd have to put Jason's right up there with them. I admire his ability to take action and go places where others would be fearful of going. Jason just exudes that "can do" spirit and never lets doubt creep into his mind. I've invited him to speak to my audience on several occasions and every time he's left them with valuable and inspiring information. More importantly, along the way, he's become a trusted friend who I know I can count on. - DN Jan 2019

Coaching Testimonial

Before I can even talk about Jason's unique ability to transform the trajectory of your life, I need to at least briefly mention his natural and nurturing care for human life and how it impacted mine. As a young kid way over his head, freshly married with a child and one on the way, I took a risk trying to make it in the I.T. industry after leaving the military having little experience in both business and I.T. When I started working with Jason, he gave me the opportunity of a lifetime that forever changed my life. I was given the unique opportunity to serve in Account Management and Sales although my only experience in life was turning wrenches on helicopters. Jason took a different approach on life and overall judgement or sanity and gave me a shot to represent his company and trusted me to help excel it to the next level. In the midst of that experience, I saw in him with nothing but smiles, faith, happiness and overall satisfaction with his total level of comfort in making this decision which not only speaks for his ability to strive for great things and take to take chances, but to also take advantage of the opportunity to change someone else's life, which is exactly what he did. He gave me a chance, and that set the tone for what will always be remembered and preached as the definition of trust, faith and willingness to put others before himself. He is a devout servant of people. In my job interview, he said to me "What can I as a leader do for you? How can I serve you? You do not work for me, I work for you!". The fact that he has never wavered from that mentality shows that he is not only committed to people, but he actually lives, breathes and thrives off seeing others succeed. Jason became my mentor and with that he has taken much pride and happiness in being able to talk to me, listen and guide. It's because of his influence, words of wisdom and optimism that I have taken my career to an even greater level. From helping me through the toughest time in my personal family life, to being there for me in my need for wisdom in perusing my own entrepreneurial ventures, Jason has definitely proven that he can and will change your life for the better. I now have a patent on the way and am excelling in my current job making double the income I was making before because of his guidance.

Speaking Testimonial

Jason is a dynamic and passionate leader and speaker.  The story of his journey was not only inspirational but motivational as well. Our team heard first hand what adversity truly means.  Jason, then led our organization through a dream board session to help our employees take their goals beyond written to visual a process we still leverage today.  I highly recommend leveraging Jason in our organization to impact change and influence culture.   


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